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08:45am Enter Canyon

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  • Antelope Canyon is one of the famous slot canyons in the world, one of the photographers' favorite spots, located in northern Arizona, the nearest city is Page, Arizona, belong to the Navajo Aboriginal reserve. The Antelope Canyon is divided into two separate parts on the terrain, called as Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.

    Upper Antelope Canyon in Navajo is called “Tse bighanilini”, means “Rocks that pass through water”, the valley is wide and with more tourists. Its rock towering is about 20 meters, with a total length of about 150 meters, look it from far away, it is only a very thin crack, the light is gloomy.

    Ticket exchange for Upper Antelope Valley
    Place of exchange:Antelope Canyon attraction entrance, Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours(Please use Google map to navigate)

    Ticket exchange time: Please be sure to arrive Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours and check-in 1.5 hours earlier before the departure time, ( not include the queue time) , and the service of ticket-change will stop at 60 minutes before depart, then tickets will be voided if arrive late.

    Sightseeing mode: after changing tickets, the Navajo guide will take the antelope valley protection area vehicle to bring you inside the canyon

    Duration:Inside the canyon for 1 hour (approx.) (11:00am photography tour can stay for 2 hours), Back and forth car driving for about 20 minutes.

    Attention: Customers must arrive ONE AND AN HALF HOUR earlier before the tour starts! Voucher redemption is stopped 1 hour before appointed entry time. If you are late, your ticket will be voided and it is not refundable!
Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Canyon


08:45am Enter Canyon
Excludes Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

10:00am Enter Canyon
Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

11:00am Enter Canyon
Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

【Photography Tour】11:00am Enter Canyon
2 hours tour within the valley, Must bring tripod, SLR Cameras Per person, Excludes Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

    Same as Adult
12:00pm Enter Canyon
Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

12:45pm Enter Canyon
Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

14:00pm Enter Canyon
Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

14:45pm Enter Canyon
Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child

16:00pm Enter Canyon
Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee
  • Adult

  • Child


Departure & Return

Antelope Canyon Navajo ToursUse Google map for navigationMust arrive antelope canyon 1.5 hour earlierHWY 98, Milepost 299, 8, Page, AZ 86040, USA
  • Page is on Arizona Time (Mountain STANDARD Time)
    • Mar 12,2017 - Nov 3, 2017, AZ time is the same as Pacific time (PDT – Pacific Daylight Time).
    • Nov 4, 2017 - Mar 9, 2018, AZ time is 1 hour ahead Pacific Time ( PST – Pacific Standard Time).
    (e.g., when Pacific time is 10:00am, AZ time is 11:00am)
  • Based on regulations of Navajo Antelope Canyon, you must check in at least ONE AND AN HALF HOUR earlier before your tour start time. Voucher redemption is stopped 1 hour before appointed entry time. In case of late arrival, you ticket will be voided and it is not refundable. Please make sure you have the voucher and a valid ID with lead traveler. Special note: the staffs at the ticket change point and the Navajo Tour Guides are all speak English.

Includes & Excludes

  • Antelope Canyon Admission
  • Take a 4x4 Pick-up Truck from the ticket exchange point to Upper Antelope Canyon
  • Navajo tour guide
  • Online convenient fees
  • Must pay: The Excludes Navajo Nation Permit Fee of USD$8/Person must be paid in Cash.Cash payment at the ticket changing
  • Redeem ticket service fee USD$2/Person
  • Navajo Tour Guide Gratuity $3/Person, Photography tour $5/person
  • All personal expenses

The above out-of-pocket project price is for reference only. Admission prices in Optional Activities section may not be up-to-date, and the price is subject to your guide.


  • Due to the high demand and the restrictions on the number of visitors for each time slot, the actual entry time may be adjusted even after confirmation, especially at peak season.
  • If there are any issues or questions in the voucher redemption process after arriving the Antelope Canyon, please do not hesitate to contact Wannar (855)739-6848 at the earliest time. Otherwise the Antelope Canyon may not be able to provide product inquery and post-sale service later on.
  • Must arrive Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours 1.5 hour earlier (not include the queue time), Tickets will be voided If arrive late. Voucher redemption is stopped 1 hour before appointed entry time.
  • In winter, Antelope Canyon time is 1 hour ahead of Las Vegas time; In summer, Antelope Canyon time is the same as Las Vegas time.
  • For self-service tickets, guests need to bring a printed confirmation form + passport or ID with the name of the confirmation form
  • It is recommended that you make a reservation 15 working days before departure, We will complete your itinerary confirmation and information reply within 24 hours. In case of rush hour, will not exceed more than 3 working days.
  • If sold out, we will provide you with other options or cancel the order.
  • Passengers are not present or didn't use the product on that very day will be automatically considered as giving up the product and refund is not allowed.
  • This product is only available for free walker guests, and cannot be used by tour group guests
  • If you choose 11:00 am enter Canyon photography tour, enjoy 2 hours of photography time, you can take backpacks, tripods (must for each person), SLR cameras and other professional photographic equipment (must for each person)
  • For the rest of the ticket, please do not take backpacks, tripods, big bags and selfie stick, left it on the car
  • A lot of prime times are sold out, please contact us to check the availability before you book.
  • Due to the road construction of the St. George area start June 1, 2019, Maybe a traffic jam, please plan your travel in advance.


  • Booking cannot be refunded or modified once confirmed.

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  • marius.astrauskas
    2019-09-20 01:22:55

    It was even better than anticipated - we arrived 1:30h before the tour as required and we were offered an earlier tour! We got to see the sunlight beams in the canyon and the whole tour was amazing and well organised!

  • harsh
    2019-09-19 20:23:47

    It was an amazing tour to upper Antelope Canyon.! Must visit if you r in Grand Canyon. Rob was our tour guide and was good too..! However, I wish we had some more time to click some more pictures. So overall a great experience.

    2019-09-19 07:38:23


  • susana
    2019-09-16 20:14:20

    The guide the best! Obviosly Antilope is the most beautiful thing we have seen ever!

  • pattorp
    2019-09-15 07:14:45

    I was a little nervou booking this tour on line and not sure what to expect. We had a fabulous tour and it was the highlight of our trip so far. The canyon is beyond beautiful. Our guide, Craig, was wonderful. The tour company is all local family run and they do a great job. Very professional and well worth the cost. Thank you.

  • song.230
    2019-09-14 20:29:06

    The canyon is great! Our guide Illis (I may spell the name wrong) is very helpful with the info and photos. She is great!

  • Joe
    2019-09-14 19:53:08

    Such a beautiful thing to see. Our Indian guide (Tom) was as nice as could be. He was so helpful with the pictures. Took the time to tell everyone right where to stand and how to set our IPhones for the great pics!! Really enjoyed the beauty. Joe Peace, Ruston, LA

  • Juneadali
    2019-09-13 21:33:03

    It's easy and clean. Good price. Very convenient.

  • drg29
    2019-09-12 04:57:08

    Thank you

  • beavalo
    2019-09-11 18:54:05

    Very very good experience!! Out guide help us ti make good photos even if the wheater wasn’t optimal. Great!!!

  • Anita
    2019-09-09 09:56:46

    We had an excellent tour of the upper Antelope Canyon. Our guide Zac was so friendly and knowledgeable. He made this tour so enjoyable, I would highly recommend it to all who are interested.

  • alessia637
    2019-09-09 03:13:10

    The trip was wonderful! Mike has been a great guide and he helped us taking very good photos. I advise it!

  • Al Ex
    2019-09-08 19:17:47

    We are fully satisfied with our tour. It was very interesting. Basically, this is the merit of our guide. It was a girl, her name was, I think, Paige. I'm not sure, but she said that her name, like the city of Page, where we stayed. She was an amazing storyteller. Nice and very friendly. The whole tour was very exciting.

  • doncrowell
    2019-09-06 11:23:59

    Quick, accurate, complete, perfect. Thanks.

  • Ariana
    2019-09-06 09:03:25

    Exceeded my expectations! I have a hard time enjoying group tours with tons of people on them, and this tour has tons of people, but everyone was very well organized. The group is broken into smaller groups each with their own tour guide, which makes it feel more intimate. The guides do an excellent job! Plus the canyon is narrow enough that you don't feel overwhelmed with crowds. I highly recommend this tour for everyone! No matter what your travel style is.

  • blessyen
    2019-09-05 07:26:56

    Good website design and clear instructions. The review should design questions to ask different categories grade ? You also may tell us some questions and answers examples to let us understand.

  • Pratibha
    2019-09-05 05:04:14

    It was an absolute fun trip to Antelope Canyon. The place is so beautiful and the tour was so endearing. The tour guide was absolutely amazing and went extra mile in explaining us the history, rocks formation(with a bottle of water) and Navajo culture/tradition. We were lucky to have him as our guide. He also took a lot of pictures for us and ensured each person in the group is safe/secure. He also taught us couple if picture tricks. Thankful to entire team of Antelope Canyon tour

  • idiazmadrigal
    2019-09-01 18:46:33

    We had a fantastic tour with Shane. He made the experience even more enjoyable. Recomendado 100%

  • shubha6249
    2019-08-28 07:56:47

    Excellent trip. The guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. We thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you!

  • Corina
    2019-08-28 01:49:11

    Thank you for helping me to book the tickets. I can't wait for this amazing experience :)

  • max.molt
    2019-08-27 20:16:22

    Very very beatiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sarika
    2019-08-26 15:59:10

    Booking our tour was very easy and took only few mins!!

  • rubesohi
    2019-08-25 20:47:31

    Quick and precious booking experience! They helped me to book the upper antelope canyon tour even in midnight! Highly recommended if you plan to visit Antelope canyon! ;)

  • simolau
    2019-08-24 14:02:32

    Well organizer The guide prepared truly able to meet people and their nerds.

  • Barbara
    2019-08-22 23:39:16

    Beautiful trip! well organized and excellent guide that made us magnificent photos

  • soniabotta
    2019-08-22 19:46:34

    A great and amazing experience!

  • Divya
    2019-08-21 07:44:11

    This team did a great job in guiding the tour. They were on -time and the tour guide helped us a lot in taking beautiful pictures inside upper antelope.

  • chi
    2019-08-20 17:51:48

    This is a wonderful experience my wife and I went through in the journey as well as an awesome tour guide with us. She is a wonderful lady with all helpful hand to guide us where to take pictures and share her experience with our members. I never forget her smiling face at all times and her help to take pictures for us though some time it is difficult for her to knee down to take pictures. She shared many beautiful pictures that she took during her travels for years. Overall experience was good.

  • forrest
    2019-08-20 08:42:42

    thank you

  • Martin
    2019-08-20 04:38:09

    Good communication and quick confirmation of required tour

  • Corey
    2019-08-19 21:31:47

    very quick confirmation. and provide an alternative option.

  • nicolas.sousa
    2019-08-19 20:27:39

    Very nice !

  • Ling
    2019-08-19 09:53:14

    We enjoyed the tour and the tour guide was very nice and helpful

  • Sharath
    2019-08-19 09:20:05

    Fantastic Experience ! - Well organized and guided tour that includes a drive through the desert to the remote canyon.

  • oliviaaguilar87
    2019-08-18 08:21:49

    Even though the original time I selected was sold out I was notified quickly and was able to select a new time

  • Cristina
    2019-08-17 13:43:29

    Simplemente precioso. La gu?a una pasada. Nos hac?a las fotos a la velocidad del rayo y la verdad es que sab?a lo que hac?a. Al principio nos agobi? un poco pero al salir entendimos porqu?. Si te juntas con el siguiente grupo hay demasiada gente y no se disfruta. Muy recomendable

  • Pieter van der Wal
    2019-08-16 21:52:58

    In one word: super! Yes, it was crowded and yes, there were a lot of other tourists, but with a very humoristische guide that showed us the beautiful spots en helped us with hints & tips for making pictures, the tour in the Upper Antelope Canyon was GREAT! Our guide Needa even helped us with the settings of our camera’s and phones to get the most colorful and warm lighted snapshots! We definitely recommand this Tour 100%!!

  • Vinay
    2019-08-16 21:05:21

    Very prompt and friendly service. The slot I wanted was not available. I was offered alternative slots and I got confirmation within 1 minute of my request

  • Antelope
    2019-08-14 15:33:33

    We couldn't have had a better experience! Lejon was the very best guide. He kept the group moving but made sure we had enough time to enjoy the absolute splendor of the Upper Canyon! Antelope Canyon is a treasure.

  • coolflame
    2019-08-13 21:33:23

    Nice Trip, Very beautiful location

  • paola
    2019-08-13 14:16:06

    Posto incredibile, esperienza da fare nonostante l'attesa e l'organizzazione un po' macchinosa. La nostra guida ? stata eccezzionale

  • bha6444455
    2019-08-12 21:50:08

    We had a great experience. Ryan was a great guide. He showed us the best settings for our cameras, took pictures of us in different beautiful areas helping us stand where we would get the most beautiful shots. Very positive experience!

  • dino
    2019-08-12 18:41:01

    Amazing canyon add good guide

  • sgtleesart
    2019-08-12 01:20:22

    It was a very satisfying tour. Next time, I will visit lower antelope canyon too.

  • p.fiori
    2019-08-11 21:16:00

    Amazing experience. I suggest at least 1 time in your life. Pierluigi

  • Pablo
    2019-08-11 08:34:18

    Great tour

  • sang
    2019-08-10 14:04:32

    I can get a ticket in time.

    2019-08-10 01:17:47

    Ottimo servizio con avvisi via mail e sms veramente ok!

  • Hello kao
    2019-08-09 20:52:41

    I like the upper antelope view very much. The tour guide gave us lots of help, told the history of it, took many wonderful pictures for us. I appreciate !

  • nannan
    2019-08-09 06:03:16

    Excellent service!

  • kinso_75
    2019-08-08 06:46:10

    Fun filled adventure with great photo opportunities!

  • Benedetta
    2019-08-08 01:12:25


  • amxliang
    2019-08-07 21:10:32

    very good!

  • Amanda
    2019-08-07 05:30:14

    I had to change the date of my tour due to an error on my end, and customer service was very prompt to help me change the date within the first 24hours. Very pleased with the service.

    2019-08-05 23:19:28

    good comunication and faster answer

  • 20286734
    2019-08-05 15:15:00


  • zhi1005zhi
    2019-08-03 20:27:08

    The reply is very fast.

  • 20286734
    2019-08-02 20:21:09

    great sence

  • Formula Quattro
    2019-08-01 01:05:49

    Clear, fast, affordable and efficient: reliable service!

  • dipinj
    2019-07-31 23:31:58

    Excellent experience. For the first timers here are a few tips. Arrive early. Minimum 2 hours. No bags or wallets or really anything beyond cameras / cellphones. Put a few bucks in your pocket to tip your tour guide at the end of the voyage. Print your vouchers and be sure you have cash on hand when checking in at the window. Just give them your printed out voucher. Easy peezy!

  • cmgingrasbcba
    2019-07-31 08:39:54

    An amazing tour. Our tour guide Zach was friendly and informative. Highly recommend this tour, just make sure you arrive on time.

  • feck.1
    2019-07-30 10:30:13

    I found the site very easy to use. Unfortunately, the peak time I originally booked ended up being unavailable, but communication about this was swift and efficient, allowing me to lock into another time before it, too, was gone. Much appreciated.

  • philippe.blanchet8
    2019-07-30 09:24:04

    Thank you for your seriousness. It's very easy and fast. I would recommend your service to anyone interested.

  • Alvaro
    2019-07-30 01:22:27

    Estoy contento

  • vivianhzhang2005
    2019-07-29 21:42:11

    I am very happy to get the tickets what I want.

  • hardikbharucha
    2019-07-29 20:56:51

    Good service with excellent tour guide.

  • rikkelundum
    2019-07-29 11:09:26

    Great trip, with a wonderful and dedicated instructor. Really wanted us to have the best experience. Would really like to let everybody know to use this company for their next trip to Antelope Canyon.

  • ckhtharrison
    2019-07-28 20:32:07

    We visited Upper Antelope Canyon and it was so beautiful! We tried to get into the 11am tour because that's when you see the sunbeams peeking through the cracks and they were completely booked BUT I'm so glad they were because we went to the 8am tour instead and it wasn't crowded at all. We had plenty of time to take pictures. By the time our tour was over it was already getting busy. If you want to be able to spend your time looking around its best to go to the early tours.

  • Irene
    2019-07-28 19:35:59

    Awesome and convenient. No problem as long as you arrive on time.

  • Jian
    2019-07-28 16:44:03

    It's a wonderful trip. The girl who helped us was so good. Did whatever she can to help every single one in our group. Her name is Dina? So sorry that I lost her card.

  • olatowarek
    2019-07-28 09:00:05

    Perfect view, beautiful Canyon and thank you for beautifull photos ��

  • sharibh
    2019-07-27 19:14:40

    Sherry was an awesome tour guide. She tried to keep things moving to make it fair for everyone, yet she made sure we had enough time to take pictures, and take in the beauty. She even helped us set our cameras to the best settings, and pointed out all the great photo opportunities.

  • Erin
    2019-07-27 12:25:23

    Thank you!

  • tylai8
    2019-07-26 08:28:32

    Very easy to use and efficient. I have the confirmation next day.

  • Rena
    2019-07-25 19:24:52

    Easy process, such a beautiful sight worth the trip. Our tour guide Kyran was great!

  • maureentony
    2019-07-24 22:05:23

    Great experience, the service representative makes it very easy to complete the reservation and make changes to the schedule. Appreciate that.

  • popoffviktor
    2019-07-24 21:22:38

    Easy and straightforward

  • anonanona
    2019-07-24 06:37:54

    I had to wait to have my order confirmed, but it was worth it.

  • GHORNE1208
    2019-07-24 04:27:20

    nice and easy to secure tkts heard back next day well within the the time frame the company allotted

  • rikkert
    2019-07-22 23:49:09

    Great tour. Nice tourguide that helped us making beautiful pictures from the right place. He knew what he was showing is very impressive. Just very confusing the time zones not sure what is happening in that area. But luckily we could get on an earlier tour what saved us time

  • asga979
    2019-07-22 12:55:03

    Easy, fast and very kind.

  • luanyi1990
    2019-07-22 06:15:12

    It's really quick and convenient, strongly recommended.

  • pacelli
    2019-07-22 00:16:52

    Website easy to use. Waiting for tickets

  • wj4513
    2019-07-19 22:14:47

    Reasonable Price!!

  • Hello kao
    2019-07-18 22:03:24

    It is very useful and reliable

  • Stephan
    2019-07-15 22:20:30

    Perfect service, fast and easy.

  • koenig.uwe
    2019-07-15 06:55:25

    I took the Photo-Tour It was absolutely pahnatasic, awesome, grandious. Stefanie was super super super guide ThX Uwe

  • uru
    2019-07-15 04:58:58


  • drmrisbell
    2019-07-14 17:50:59

    We had a great guide in Lori! Even though you are in crowds and kind of shuffled in the Canyon and out of the Canyon, she made sure we had enough time to see the canyon and take photos. It is a busy place but well worth a visit - never have I seen ANYTHING like Antelope Canyon and would definitely return to see the Lower Antelope Canyon next. Go at 11 or 12 for the best sun rays - they are super!

  • Dot
    2019-07-13 00:30:06

    Very easy to book

  • Rielyn
    2019-07-11 20:15:42

    It was an exciting experience getting into the slots. Amazing view and our guide Cody was great. He showed us the beautiful spots and how to do the right lighting and angles for perfect pictures.

  • egtsoy4u
    2019-07-10 21:02:00

    Very good service!

  • Kindtler
    2019-07-10 20:42:37

    Great experience! So beautiful. And our guide was wonderful.

  • Philsha412
    2019-07-10 10:15:02

    Reserved our tour quickly. The online booking was easy to navigate as well!

  • Loren
    2019-07-09 16:16:37

    Ty was our guide and she was great! She showed us places to take the best pictures and even indicated what camera settings to use. I loved the tour and opportunity to walk through the canyon.

  • Vinodh
    2019-07-08 06:28:52

    The trip to the canyon was very exciting. We had a nice time and the tour guide was so professional, friendly in explaining each of the formations, took pictures and was very interactive. Worth for the money and I am planning to visit this place soon again. Thank you for all the arrangements that you are providing to everyone of us visiting here.

  • zhoubi1988
    2019-07-07 23:15:50

    Very good service.

  • sasacook
    2019-07-06 15:38:35

    Our tour guide, Ambose, was a great guy. Beautiful canyons. But it is crowded there.

  • Ale Leone
    2019-07-06 02:51:50

    Excellent offer and service online. See you after the visit ;-)

  • screensaver11
    2019-07-05 19:37:36

    While first a bit sceptic on the rule to arrive 90 minutes before, all went well, no long lines and an excellent tour. Our guide was great and it was a fantastic trip! Highly recommended.


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