Recommended attractions in North Vancouver: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge (Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Tickets), known as the highest and longest suspension bridge in the world, with a total length of 137 meters, hangs at an altitude of nearly 70 meters, walking on the bridge, looking at the lush virgin forests on both sides, as if you are in the green ocean!

Geographical location
Not far from the Lions Gate Bridge in North Vancouver, 3735 Capilano Road (3735 capilano road).

  1. If you are in North Vancouver, take bus No. 236 or 247 at the seabus terminal and get off at capilano road 3600block, walk back 20 meters and cross the road to the park entrance.
  2. If you are in downtown Vancouver on the South Bank, you can take the free shuttle (return transfer) at Canada Place.

Ticket Information and Opening Hours
Adult (17-64 years old): $42.95, Senior (65 years old and above): $38.95, Student (17 years old and above with student ID): $33.95, Juvenile (13-16 years old) : CAD 26.95, children (6-12 years old): CAD 14.95, free for children under 6 years old, children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 17 years old to visit.
Opening hours: November to March 9:00—17:00, April 9:00—18:30, May 9:00—19:30, June and September 8 :30—20:00, July and August 8:30—21:00, October 9:00—18:00

Information and Services

  1. The guest service will assist you in applying for a BC membership card and provide tourist information. After you have collected all the pass seals, you will receive a free “I Succeeded” certificate here.
  2. All staff in the park are available to provide first aid.
  3. Strollers and wheelchairs are not allowed on the drawbridge, but can be stored at the drawbridge safety station
  4. There is a bank teller machine in the park.
  5. To enter the park again after leaving the park during the opening hours of the day, only need to show the ticket or the hand stamp stamped by the tourist service department.
  6. In the souvenir shop (trading post) in the park, there are homemade fudge, rare gifts, clothing, toys, Indian art, postcards, and various souvenirs of Canadian origin.
  7. There is a cafe serving fresh sandwiches, coffee drinks, hot chocolate, baked goods.
  8. The logger grill has hamburgers, beer, and freshly baked grilled food.

Here, the story of Vancouver and bridge building from the eyes of early pioneers is shown through physical objects (tools for building bridges, daily utensils) and photos (George Glenn McKee and his wife, son, dog).
tourist attraction
historical center
Here, the story of Vancouver and bridge building from the eyes of early pioneers is shown through physical objects (tools for building bridges, daily utensils) and photos (George Glenn McKee and his wife, son, dog).

Turn right and come to KIA’PALANO, which shows visitors the life of the early Indians through canoes and totem poles. In particular, the totem pole was carved by the Indians more than 60 years ago, and it is still colorful and attracts attention.

Capilano Suspension Bridge
The drawbridge has been safe since it was built in 1889. When I boarded the suspension bridge, I felt my body swaying from side to side. There were many people on the bridge, everyone was talking and laughing, and they were all curious, so almost no one stopped because of fear. Standing in the middle of the suspension bridge, looking at the 70-meter-deep Capilano Canyon and the green pine trees on both sides of the canyon is very shocking.

Come to the other side of the canyon, follow the walking plank road, and pass RAINFOREST EXPLORER, DR.WOOD’CABIN, RAPTORS RIDGE, TREETOPSADVENTURE, and the edge of nature ( NATURE’ EDGE).
treetop adventure
Start from the tree house, then walk over seven suspension bridges, and watch the tall and pristine Douglas-firs from above.

Cliff Walk
It is a suspended walkway set along the face of granite cliffs and is the perfect place to view the magnificent Capilano Canyon.
Walking on the trail, looking at the cliff on the right, and then looking at the abyss at the bottom of my feet, I am really scared. I feel more scared than walking on the swaying Capilano Suspension Bridge. Maybe there are fewer people here, and the aura Not prosperous. In fact, watching the Capilano Suspension Bridge in the distance, watching the rushing river at the bottom of the valley, and watching the virgin forest with tall and straight banks is still very spectacular, just try to avoid looking at your feet.

Attractions near the park
There is a dam in the vicinity of a half-hour drive, which is very spectacular.
There’s also a Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge, and it’s free

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