The world’s best fall travel destination: Vancouver, Canada

Canada, with such a long history, is a full immigrant country, it is culturally diverse, warm and friendly, and there are new experiences every day here. Whether you love food and wine, outdoor sports, or want to feel the wonder of the laws of creation on the edge of nature, you can be satisfied in this picturesque excess.

October and November are the best months to go to Canada. This month will also allow you to see the country with the most beautiful autumn in the world. Canada is well-deserved as the country of maple leaves. If you love to travel, you must not miss it.

Eight days to play Canada
Canada is the northernmost country in North America, with 9.98 million square kilometers, the second largest territory in the world. The territory here is divided into 10 provinces. Thanks to rich natural resources and highly developed technology, Canada is also one of the countries with the highest quality of life, the richest society and the most developed economy in the world.
If you want to get the best autumn scenery, you can try this perfect eight-day itinerary.

Essence tour itinerary:
Day 1: Departure – Vancouver
Day 2: Vancouver: Best Outdoors + Best Sleep: Experience Capilano Suspension Bridge (Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Tickets), Stanley Park, the largest urban park in North America
Day 3: Victoria: Bouchard Gardens – Royal Style in the Garden City
Day 4: Victoria-Harrison: Here you can have both wine and dreams: Vineyard + Harrison Springs Hotel & Resort
Day 5: Harrison: Meditation, Sleep Well + Experience Salmon Migration
Days 6 and 7: Whistler: “Little Switzerland” sleeps with you: Shenlong Falls + Peak Cable Car + Whistler Hiking
Day 8: Return to Vancouver: Shopping + Hilltop Dinner
Canada is too big, let’s just say Vancouver
The same travel experience, how can I show my characteristics. The eight-day itinerary is not a strategy that can be explained clearly. So, today I will focus on introducing you to Vancouver – 4 characteristic experiences.
1) Capilano Suspension Bridge: 70 meters suspended, feel the novelty and excitement of a century

Cross the Lions Gate Bridge to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park at 3735 Carapino Road in North Vancouver. This is the most famous tourist attraction in Vancouver and the oldest and oldest tourist attraction in Vancouver.
The Capilano Suspension Bridge has a total length of 137 meters. Since more than 100 years ago, this legendary bridge has been suspended at an altitude of nearly 70 meters with only two hemp ropes and fragrant wood.

  • Tickets & Parking Fees
    The park has a free shuttle bus, of course, you can also drive there. After you park your car in the parking lot, you can go to the self-service payment machine to pay the fee. Enter the license plate number and insert the bank card to pay the fee of 5 Canadian dollars.
    Then it’s time to buy tickets at the entrance of the suspension bridge. Adult tickets cost 27 Canadian dollars, teenagers need 16 Canadian dollars, and children only need 8 Canadian dollars. Don’t forget to get a free Chinese map guide after entering the door.
  • Tickets? stamp on the back of the hand
    This hand-drawn map at the entrance is an intuitive miniature display of the park, and all restaurants and bathrooms are marked. When you buy a ticket and enter the door, the ticket inspector will put a logo stamp on the back of the hand of the entrant, so that you can enter and exit at will within the valid time (this method is used in many scenic spots in Vancouver).
  • Don’t call me an Indian!

The totem poles carved by the original people and placed here 60 years ago are colorful and eye-catching. In Canada, aboriginal people hate being called Indians very much, because when Columbus was looking for the eastern continent, he went to the North American continent because he went in the wrong direction. At that time, the North American continent had already inhabited aboriginal people.
Because they all look similar to Indians. Columbus mistaken them for Indians, so the name of the Indians comes from this, but in fact they are not Indians!

Therefore, when you see aboriginal people in Canada, you can’t just call them Indians.
——The main event, conquer the Capilano Suspension Bridge!

Looking down from the suspension bridge is the Capilano Valley, the water is crystal clear. The banks of the river valley are full of tall and straight pine and fir trees of all kinds.
The turbulent water flow in the valley under the suspension bridge dynamically reflects the sky and clouds, which is the best aerial viewing platform for those who are not afraid of heights.
Christmas is coming, and these mountain lights must be the whimsy of park managers who want to create a winter wonderland.
The spherical lights around the Capilano Suspension Bridge will sparkle in the dark forest at night. These floating and graceful splendor make the suspension bridge look like a bridge of heaven floating in the air. If you can, it will be more beautiful to come here at night.
In addition to the most famous suspension bridges, there are various cliffside suspension bridges, treehouses on trees, and trestle paths connecting treehouses.
The towering giant trees surround the suspension bridge, and the air is fresh and pleasant. Here, the park management office has set up a variety of ecological display boards to tell the tourists about the trees and insects. The part of the posture is here.

What I feel here is a trip to the top of the tree. The thousand-year-old towering ancient trees are connected by suspension bridges, and there are wooden houses built at the waist of the trees, which are about dozens of floors above the ground.

After crossing the suspension bridge, you will receive a “certificate”, “I made it” to prove that you have successfully challenged the 450-foot suspension bridge, and the time of the day is printed on it. This creative souvenir is worth keeping.

2) Leap over Canada: Leap in a full-sensory 4D movie

Canada Place has a project that you have to experience – fly over Canada by plane.
“Fly Over Canada” is the only 4D flight simulation project in Canada. All the senses of the audience are challenged in the FlyOver Canada program. It takes everyone from the east coast of Canada to the west coast in just over 10 minutes. In the visual gluttonous feast, you can experience the humanistic customs of Canada and the suffocating natural landscapes and cities.
Tickets: 40 Canadian dollars (about 200RMB)
Location: Suite 201 – 999 Canada Place, Vancouver
Photo courtesy of Tourism Canada
Fasten your seatbelt in your seat, the front guardrail is withdrawn, and the partition is pulled up between the two rows of seats. In an instant, we were already soaring in the sky!
3) Stanley Park: Roam and ride together, through the blue and the gold
Stanley Park. It is the largest urban park in North America. Here you must try a cycling tour in the virgin jungle, which is simply one of the healthiest ways to visit. Swim in the centuries-old trees, watch and feel the humanistic charm of Indian totems.

  • Rental price
    You can rent children’s bikes for 5-6 Canadian dollars per hour, strollers, pull family cars, single speed, variable speed, mountain bikes, city bikes, and rental prices from 7 Canadian dollars to 17 Canadian dollars.
    Address: 610 Pipeline RdVancouver, British Columbia V6G 1Z4

Fall is the most beautiful season in Canada, and it also has the most beautiful fall in the world. Riding a car for a while, exercising, resisting the cold, and improving sleep quality.
If you are troubled by insomnia, come for a ride!

——The filming location of “Beijing Falls in Love with Seattle”
Entering the park, you can breathe the fresh air like in a primitive forest, enjoy the pleasant green scenery, look up to the blue sky, and bow your head to the shore. That feeling even makes you forget that this is the bustling metropolis of Vancouver. A relaxing place for all ages, like an oil painting?
Such a romantic and extravagant experience is the filming location of “Beijing Falls in Love with Seattle”: English Bay.
English Bay
English Bay

There are totem poles made by aboriginal people standing in the park, with fine craftsmanship and strong cultural atmosphere. It is a must-see place for tourists to take pictures. By the way, the place where Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo took a walk in “Beijing meets Seattle” is here.
——Recommended cycling routes
Take a bicycle with three or five friends and set off from Sunset Beach, around False Creek, past Kitsilano, over the Spanish Banks, all the way to the University of British Columbia ( UBC).
This seaside cycling route is about 15 kilometers long. Traveling across the city’s most beautiful coastline to feel her pulse is undoubtedly a great choice for roaming Vancouver.
——Don’t forget to hit the Lions Gate Bridge at the North Gate

From the north gate of Stanley Park, the magnificent Lions Gate Bridge on the water comes into view. The designer of the Lions Gate Bridge is also the architect who designed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is a major traffic artery connecting downtown Vancouver and the east and west sides. The total length of the bridge is 1517.3 meters. The wealthy area on the north bank is surrounded by mountains and seas, and the environment is very beautiful.

From here, you can enjoy the city beauty of Vancouver from the widest perspective. As a sister version of San Francisco’s “Golden Gate Bridge”, the green bridge of the Lions Gate Bridge has a unique charm, and the night scenery is also very moving.
4) Grouse Mountain Cable Car: Read the city from its highest point.
Most of the fun outdoors in Vancouver is at the higher elevations. With a ticket to climb Mount Grouse, you can see endangered wildlife such as bears and owls, ride one of the largest aerial cable cars in North America, go snowshoeing, see birds of prey soaring in the sky, and watch lumberjacks at work , and enjoy views of the forest and Vancouver beyond.

Tickets: 50 Canadian dollars (about 250RMB)
Where: Go north on Capilano Road, just a 20-minute drive from the city, to Grouse Mountain, known as the “top of Vancouver”.
The tour mileage is very long, in addition to taking the cable car, the ropeway is also a good choice.

After taking the cable car up the mountain, you can also use the cable car to climb to the highest point to see the whole scenery of Vancouver. In fact, this is a ski lift, but it is not winter yet, so tourists can go there for free.

There are thousands of “maple” feelings, and the top of the mountain is unique. Looking at the golden autumn scenery of the surrounding mountains and cities from multiple angles, the mood also becomes open and stretched.

  • If you come here in winter
    The ski resort has 4 ski lifts leading to 26 ski tracks with different levels of difficulty for different skiers to experience. Among them, there are 14 night snow trails. The night snow trails are lined with dazzling lights on the top of the mountain. They can be seen even in downtown Vancouver and have become a landmark scenery.
    Grouse Mountain in winter. Photo: Tourism Canada
    Just imagine, standing on the peak of Vancouver, the starry night skies down the snowy road rapidly at night, while overlooking the bustling Vancouver night scene, it is an unforgettable ultimate experience in life. In addition, there are special events for Christmas and winter, which are worth looking forward to.

In the winter when the snow is fluttering, Grouse Mountain is a well-known ski resort. In order to let skiers have fun, in addition to natural snowfall, there is also a large area of ​​artificial snowfall. A large number of tourists stop here in the icy and snowy areas, no matter day or night.

  • A dinner on the top of the mountain at sunset
    Overlooking the beautiful scenery of the whole city from the top of Vancouver, we took the cable car in the sunset to reach the restaurant in the middle of the mountain for dinner. The time and scene of “the autumn water is the same color as the sky” slowly changed in front of me. Get used to this surprise.

Practical recommendations for travel in Vancouver

  • Recommended transportation
    When visiting Canada for the first time, it is recommended that you choose to fly directly to Vancouver.
    Beijing-Vancouver, 10-11 hours
    Shanghai-Vancouver, 12-15 hours
    Guangzhou – Vancouver, 11-14 hours
    For China, Vancouver International Airport is the closest airport in Canada to China, and the airport is equipped with more than 60 service stations, full coverage of wireless networks, wireless baggage handling, and airport bus lines with dense trains extending in all directions to help you spend the shortest time. time and effort to reach your destination.
  • Recommended accommodation
    Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver
    Address: 791 West Georgia Street
    Transportation: Take the airport bus, 9.9 kilometers, 20 minutes
    Price: 450-500 Canadian dollars for luxury suites (about 2000 RMB)

The Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver is located above the city’s well-known shopping mall, and it’s easy to go downstairs to shop for luxury goods. Overlooking a splendid scenery, museums, parks and other attractions are close at hand. It is the first hotel in the world to provide guests with a replaceable upper mattress service. It has experienced 50 years of meticulously improved comfortable bedding, L’Occitane high-end toiletries, double-layer anti-interference doors and windows, and indoor temperature control. Make you feel at home in Canada.

The hotel is only a few minutes walk from Chinatown. Behind it is Old Montreal, and the national animal of the Maple Leaf Country, Canada Goose, occasionally appears beside the streets. There are also major luxury brands such as Canada Goose in the nearby shopping mall.
To say it is a pity, there is no buffet breakfast here, and the waiting time for the meal is relatively long. If you are catching a plane or in the morning with arrangements, you need to inform the waiter to serve the food in advance.

  • Recommended shopping
    Vancouver Airport Designer Outlet
    Address: 7899 Templeton Station Rd #1000, Richmond, BC V7B 0B7 (next to the airport)
    Transportation: Take the Canada Line light rail from Vancouver International Airport, and it takes three minutes to arrive.

Purchase list:
Apparel: I believe that domestic friends are also familiar with the outdoor brands of Outlets, such as Columbia, North Face and Tommy.
Food: Maple syrup is one of Canada’s most representative products in the “Land of Maple Leafs”. The colorful maple trees store a large amount of starch in the trunk, which turns into sucrose after “hibernation” in winter. When the weather warms, the cane sugar turns into sweet sap, and the sugar made from the sap is called maple syrup or maple sugar.
Drinks: In addition to maple syrup, ice wine is also a must-have gift when you come to Canada~

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